In honor of Britney being single, I blasted "Toxic" on my run today. (don't laugh, you HAVE to listen to bad pop when exercising, it's mandatory.)

Sunday marked my favorite day of the month: free museum day! Being the total dork that I am, I planned out my day, woke early and was thrilled to spend my morning at the Rembrandt exhibit at the Louvre. -I am going to admit this, and say whatever you want... I am not the world's greatest fan of the Louvre. It is always overcrowded and there are so many other museums which I find to be WAY more inspiring. There are a lot of great pieces at the Louvre, but it's over rated as a whole in my opinion.- Then being me, I woke up early but dwodled around my apartment so I didn't leave until 11 something... Anyway I arrived at the Louvre to crazy lines (expected) and finally found my way to the exhibit... where a woman asked for my ticket. "Pardon?" It's free museum day!? She told me the tickets were 9€50 for the exhibit. eeewww. Anyway I decided since I was at the Louvre I might as well wander around for a while and see some of the exhibits I have never seen. I somehow managed to get stuck amidst a swarm of people where I succumbed to my claustrophobia and bailed. I went to the Pompidou where I wouldn't be run over my tourists on a desperate "da vinci code" search.


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I recently visited Paris and I have to agree with your opinion of the Louvre. I'd go back again and again, but it is not the most impressive museum Paris has to offer and it's incredibly crowded. I like your blog. I'll be back :-)

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