i think i have "creepies come hither" tattooed on my forehead

seriously. whenever I get hit on, never (or very rarely) is it by anyone remotely attractive, or even sane for that matter. I attract the crazies.

Yesterday I was walking (actually almost running, as i was late...) through Buttes Chaumont on my way to french classes, a walk I adore. It is such an amazing way to start the morning, freezing crisp air and being surrounded by the great beauty of the park. Such a great possibility lies within the air, I love waking up early as there seems to be so much out there, a world completely missed by sleeping in (which is also something I enjoy throughly). Anyway.... I walked through the park and down rue de crimee and a few minutes later felt myself being followed, I turned around to see one the runners from the park behind me. "excusez moi, mademoiselle...." i thought maybe I had dropped something in the park... no homeboy was dripping with sweat and continues to tell me he wanted to go dancing with me and asked for my number. What! it's nine am.... and on top of that, I was dressed like a ten year old boy, wearing converse, jeans and a hoodie....I tried to tell him over and over without being completely rude that i was late and had to go, but he was persistant. I let him write down his number on my notebook, again trying to be nice as the beads of sweat from his forehead dripped down onto the paper. eeek. I give him points for trying, but really who tries to hit on a girl when you are excessively perspiring? Atleast I had something to giggle about for the rest of my walk.
I am continually entertained at how strange my life is.....


Blogger Jules said...

ew. Maybe he cleans up well?

Anonymous Doug (Jura, France) said...

Maybe you should memorise a useful number (e.g. that of the timeclock) which you can give out to strangers like this? A lot easier than trying to argue with them.


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