i was a bad little girl...

not really, but i was damn lazy and spent the majority of yesterday cooped up in my room, leaving my apartment only twice. once to roam the market and pick up produce and another time to answer my chocolate craving.
I really should not feel guilty considering I went to a Halloween party on Saturday night and got home around 4 (which was really 5 to my body with the time change and all..) and for some bizarre reason my body decided to wake up around 10. The party was quite interesting... I was invited by a friend who ended up leaving early, leaving me there not knowing a soul... this normally would have made me a bit uncomfortable as I am kinda shy... but maybe it was the music, or the champange, but I went out and danced by myself and made some new friends in the process. I must say how pleasantly surprised I was to see that Halloween is celebrated here was not an excuse for normally conserative girls to let loose and dress like a whore (slutty nurse... slutty firewoman... you know what I mean, at least i hope so) I throughly enjoy Halloween, as it is definitely one of my favorite holidays and I also enjoyed the room filled with beautiful men in costume... what more could a girl want?

....my beautiful city that i will get out of my apartment and enjoy today.
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