i lost my virginity twice in one day.

I have an extreme fear of porto-potties. Literally terrified. I cannot exactly explain why, and yes it is terribly ridiculous, but I always imagine them falling over or getting stuck in them... I don't know they just scare the crap out of me. Things resembling porto-potties also scare me; such as the public toilets here in Paris. Regardless that I have heard they are self cleaning... blah blah blah, I still avoid them at all costs. Although yesterday mid way through my run I realized there was no way I would possibly make it back home without wetting myself so I braved the public toilet. EEEEK! Although now I realize how silly I was being because while I know that I will never make a habit of using these facilities, they were actually not all that bad and probably cleaner than other toilets I have had to use, also little chance at them falling over considering that they are pretty well secured to the ground.

Another thing I have yet to experience while living in France was a trip to the doctor. I for one avoid trips to the doctor unless absolutely necessary... Case in point: When I was younger I went from 3rd grade to my sophmore year in highschool without ever visiting a doctor. Wild, huh? It's not that I don't like them, but I usually figure I can get over whatever illness I have myself. Anyway, yesterday I also realized that considering I had been sick three times in the last month and a half with the same symptoms which keep getting worse, and felt horrible after I returned from my run, it was finally time to break down and see a doctor. After web searches and calls and lots of wasted cell phone minutes, I finally found a doctor that said he could see me. I showed up to his office, which is france is usually in an apartment- two tiny little rooms which were very dark, and was greeted by two men talking very loudly and he scurried me into the back room filled with books and the only piece of medical eqipment appeared to be a thermometer and a examination table. Then the doctor comes in wearing combat boots and jeans with an excessive amount of unnecessary zippers. It was great! Super casual and he just wrote me the perscriptions I needed. wham, bam, that was it. Why does visiting the doctor in the states have to be so damn complicated. This guy just took my name down and that was it, no mountains of paperwork and waiting for hours. I think i like it, maybe not the jeans and combat boots... but I suppose not everyone can win at fashion.
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