drinking on an empty stomach

An update on the "nameless/souless" man. I wrote him a one sentence response which said nothing more than "did you get my letter"... which in return from him provoked another one sentence response "oui. je l'ai obtenu." We are really not getting very far with such profound communication.
Yesterday was amazing. One of the best days I have had in quite a while, I heard it was a free museum weekend, which according to me is one of greatest things ever, so I marched over to the Palais de Tokyo to look at amazing art for free. Some was amazing...others, not so much, but it was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday, and just the inspiration that I needed. I left the Palais feeling extremely parched (I left the apartment sans water bottle... eeeek!) and did not feel like spending 3€50 for a tiny volvic at the museum... so I continued on in search of water and some inpsiration for photography (both were greatly needed). I wandered around near the Seine and could not believe how amazing it felt to be shooting again. I continued on my merry little way, and in the back of my mind was searching for either a market or a café to rest my legs and find some sort of beverage, as all day without water combined with excessive amounts of walking is really not a great combination... I found neither, several cafés, but I wanted somewhere quiet to be able to write and was slightly floating above ground since I had only eaten a bowl of museli all day, and now it was reaching 5pm. oops. Somehow I ended up at Châtelet, where I then decided that I didn't want food, nor wine, but cider from my favorite Irish pub :) Taking the only available seat at the bar, which just so happened to be next to a very good looking young lad who was doodling and writing. Fancy that? Somehow we started chatting and after my second pint on a very empty stomach I was feeling real good, enjoying good conversation and decided that life here is going to work out just fine, a feeling that continued for the rest of the evening, which involved meeting up with my favorite/only gay lover in Paris and deciding between the two of us, to drink a whole lotta red wine. Hence why my head is throbbing right now, eeeek. I think it is time to go back to sleep.
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