I have acquired a new addiction recently, which is blogs... I have found myself completely enthralled with the lives of others, and have been fighting the urge to start one of my own again, so here I am... (and this time I will actually keep it up).
This has been a very strange week, surreal to say the least. Three months ago, I packed my suitcase and ran away from home... well, sort of. I had a one way ticket from LAX to Paris and along with my best friend and partner in crime, had absolutely no idea what I was going to do. Before I left, I was slowly dying... working 50 something hours a week half waitressing and half photo editing, and so overwhelmed with anxiety (which I was blind to) that I lost way too much weight, rarely slept and could no longer feel, basically I was walking around, dead. It has taken me a long time to get to where I stand now, okay three months, but I can finally feel again... which can be scary, but is simultaneously that greatest feeling in the world.
I am now alone in Paris. After three fantastic months of wandering around France with "Bunny" and many wild adventures, she has returned home, and I find myself wondering how the hell I ended up here. In this apartment, with my adopted cat, in Paris... something told me to stay. I have absolutely no idea what that was, but I am living on the faith that somewhere within this city lies something for me. For now, I am wandering the city trying to figure out what in the world it is, and enjoying falling in love with the dream that I am living.

a short list of things I love:

  • kind smiles from strangers
  • the smell of the metro, as long as you are standing far away from any urine...
  • walks in the evening and smelling amazing dinners and the clanking of silverware as it is eaten. Makes me wish I had someone to cook for.
  • broccoli
  • clean clothes
  • the adorable old man who lives on my street that walks at a literal snails pace... I think his entire day consists of walking four blocks and back again. but he wears a suit and I love him.
  • speaking of suits, men in suits.
  • falling in love with a stranger who I will never see again
  • potatoes prepared anyway, shape or form.
  • wine. I can enjoy a good one almost as much as the 1 euro bottle... not a wine snob, although I grew up in a vineyard, so I can definitely tell the difference.
  • walking with no agenda and discovering new things.
  • inspiration. especially when it is sparked by peculiar and unexpected things.
  • philip glass. without a doubt one of the greatest pianists to ever grace the earth.


Blogger l'embrouillamini said...

oooh I admire you, I am very tempted to do the same thing! I hope everything works out for you in Paris

From one Paris lover to another :)


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