4 cafes and it's only 1 o'clock

For some reason the escalators in the metro seem to be much steeper than most.... My greatest fear is falling when walking quickly down the escalator; as it seems as though I would just continue to somersault all the way to the bottom, destroying whatever lies in my path. I envision this horrible scenario almost every time I am rushing down the escalator... I pray it never actually comes true. Because I don't usually trip, I fall on my face.
Example: I was getting off the train in Dijon with a very heavy backpack full of my cameras, and trying to manipulate a large suitcase off the train quickly as there was a mob of people trying to get on the train. Somehow I caught my shoe on some invisible object and fell off the train into the mob flat on my face. Sprawled out on the ground, and not only did no one offer to help my sorry soul, everyone pretended as though I didn't exist. ouch. let's just say it was not quite my finest moment.

p.s. there have been more one sentence conversations with the souless/nameless. This needs to end. maintenant.


Blogger Jules said...

I fell off the bus in Doorn, the Netherlands once. I could have died. Seriously. It was so humiliating.


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