In honor of Britney being single, I blasted "Toxic" on my run today. (don't laugh, you HAVE to listen to bad pop when exercising, it's mandatory.)

Sunday marked my favorite day of the month: free museum day! Being the total dork that I am, I planned out my day, woke early and was thrilled to spend my morning at the Rembrandt exhibit at the Louvre. -I am going to admit this, and say whatever you want... I am not the world's greatest fan of the Louvre. It is always overcrowded and there are so many other museums which I find to be WAY more inspiring. There are a lot of great pieces at the Louvre, but it's over rated as a whole in my opinion.- Then being me, I woke up early but dwodled around my apartment so I didn't leave until 11 something... Anyway I arrived at the Louvre to crazy lines (expected) and finally found my way to the exhibit... where a woman asked for my ticket. "Pardon?" It's free museum day!? She told me the tickets were 9€50 for the exhibit. eeewww. Anyway I decided since I was at the Louvre I might as well wander around for a while and see some of the exhibits I have never seen. I somehow managed to get stuck amidst a swarm of people where I succumbed to my claustrophobia and bailed. I went to the Pompidou where I wouldn't be run over my tourists on a desperate "da vinci code" search.


i think i have "creepies come hither" tattooed on my forehead

seriously. whenever I get hit on, never (or very rarely) is it by anyone remotely attractive, or even sane for that matter. I attract the crazies.

Yesterday I was walking (actually almost running, as i was late...) through Buttes Chaumont on my way to french classes, a walk I adore. It is such an amazing way to start the morning, freezing crisp air and being surrounded by the great beauty of the park. Such a great possibility lies within the air, I love waking up early as there seems to be so much out there, a world completely missed by sleeping in (which is also something I enjoy throughly). Anyway.... I walked through the park and down rue de crimee and a few minutes later felt myself being followed, I turned around to see one the runners from the park behind me. "excusez moi, mademoiselle...." i thought maybe I had dropped something in the park... no homeboy was dripping with sweat and continues to tell me he wanted to go dancing with me and asked for my number. What! it's nine am.... and on top of that, I was dressed like a ten year old boy, wearing converse, jeans and a hoodie....I tried to tell him over and over without being completely rude that i was late and had to go, but he was persistant. I let him write down his number on my notebook, again trying to be nice as the beads of sweat from his forehead dripped down onto the paper. eeek. I give him points for trying, but really who tries to hit on a girl when you are excessively perspiring? Atleast I had something to giggle about for the rest of my walk.
I am continually entertained at how strange my life is.....


i was a bad little girl...

not really, but i was damn lazy and spent the majority of yesterday cooped up in my room, leaving my apartment only twice. once to roam the market and pick up produce and another time to answer my chocolate craving.
I really should not feel guilty considering I went to a Halloween party on Saturday night and got home around 4 (which was really 5 to my body with the time change and all..) and for some bizarre reason my body decided to wake up around 10. The party was quite interesting... I was invited by a friend who ended up leaving early, leaving me there not knowing a soul... this normally would have made me a bit uncomfortable as I am kinda shy... but maybe it was the music, or the champange, but I went out and danced by myself and made some new friends in the process. I must say how pleasantly surprised I was to see that Halloween is celebrated here was not an excuse for normally conserative girls to let loose and dress like a whore (slutty nurse... slutty firewoman... you know what I mean, at least i hope so) I throughly enjoy Halloween, as it is definitely one of my favorite holidays and I also enjoyed the room filled with beautiful men in costume... what more could a girl want?

....my beautiful city that i will get out of my apartment and enjoy today.

fashionable treat

I found this strolling the streets of the 1st and think thought it was the greatest thing ever! A chocolate stilletto?!



i lost my virginity twice in one day.

I have an extreme fear of porto-potties. Literally terrified. I cannot exactly explain why, and yes it is terribly ridiculous, but I always imagine them falling over or getting stuck in them... I don't know they just scare the crap out of me. Things resembling porto-potties also scare me; such as the public toilets here in Paris. Regardless that I have heard they are self cleaning... blah blah blah, I still avoid them at all costs. Although yesterday mid way through my run I realized there was no way I would possibly make it back home without wetting myself so I braved the public toilet. EEEEK! Although now I realize how silly I was being because while I know that I will never make a habit of using these facilities, they were actually not all that bad and probably cleaner than other toilets I have had to use, also little chance at them falling over considering that they are pretty well secured to the ground.

Another thing I have yet to experience while living in France was a trip to the doctor. I for one avoid trips to the doctor unless absolutely necessary... Case in point: When I was younger I went from 3rd grade to my sophmore year in highschool without ever visiting a doctor. Wild, huh? It's not that I don't like them, but I usually figure I can get over whatever illness I have myself. Anyway, yesterday I also realized that considering I had been sick three times in the last month and a half with the same symptoms which keep getting worse, and felt horrible after I returned from my run, it was finally time to break down and see a doctor. After web searches and calls and lots of wasted cell phone minutes, I finally found a doctor that said he could see me. I showed up to his office, which is france is usually in an apartment- two tiny little rooms which were very dark, and was greeted by two men talking very loudly and he scurried me into the back room filled with books and the only piece of medical eqipment appeared to be a thermometer and a examination table. Then the doctor comes in wearing combat boots and jeans with an excessive amount of unnecessary zippers. It was great! Super casual and he just wrote me the perscriptions I needed. wham, bam, that was it. Why does visiting the doctor in the states have to be so damn complicated. This guy just took my name down and that was it, no mountains of paperwork and waiting for hours. I think i like it, maybe not the jeans and combat boots... but I suppose not everyone can win at fashion.


my sweet tooth may be the end of me.

I cannot understand why the only food I have wanted in the last week involves massive quantities of sugar... (oh I know, pms... the joys of being a woman :) My sweet tooth is dangerous and it is a sick addiction that I may need recovery for.

But yesterday at La Grand Epicerie (my new favorite place to stroll and drool)... my fantastic gay boyfriend bought me my very first macaroon, which may have sparked a new great love. amazing. I now have a mission to splurge a bit a Pierre Hermé on some treats to add some more curves to my figure. :)

Also some exciting news is the Salon du Chocolat ! is in two weeks. It's like a chocolate party! I really cannot think of anything better... can you? I am such a dork.

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